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May 19

OData Basics – Part 3 (Filter Query Operation)

Query Operation on OData service, Continuation to blog OData Basics – Part 2 Right click on data provider extension class ZCL_ZRZ_SCARR_DEMP_DPC_EXT and navigate to workbench: Redefine below highlighted method SCARRSET_GET_ENTITYSET: Exporting parameter ET_ENTITYSET should be populated with data in this method: Activate and test the changes: If I just give entity set name in URL parameters, complete […]

May 19

OData Basics – Part 2 (Read Operation)

Handling Read Operation in OData service: We have one OData service available created as part of OData Basics – Part 1 Lets enhance the Data provider class [Note: All enhancements are done in extension class i.e., class name with suffix ‘EXT’. These EXT classes are sub classes of base class and can be enhanced by redefining […]

May 19

OData Basics – Part 1 (Entity Data Model)

In this blog, I have covered basics part of OData creation of : Project Entity type Entity set Generating run time artifacts Registering the service & Checking the metadata. Refer to following link to understand above terminology, OData Entity Data Model In Simple language.. Entity type – collection of different attributes of business object Entity Set […]

May 18

Singleton Pattern – OOABAP

The concept of restricting the instantiation of the a class to only one object is called Singleton. This is useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actions across the system. Read about Singleton Pattern SingleObject class provides a static method to get its static instance to outside world. SingletonPatternDemo, our demo class will use […]

May 03

Integrate SAP FPM and BOPF

By the end of this blog, you will be able to: Create an FPM Application on top of a BOPF business object Configure the Application initial screen Configure a main screen with header section, Item section, Text collection and Attachment section Configure the wire schema of the application The application is based on the custom […]

May 02

Create Alternative Key/Validation (BOPF)

As a pre-requisite, Go through the blog with title Custom BOPF Business Object   For the custom business object created in the blog mentioned above, I have created “Alternative key” and “Action validation” to check the uniqueness of the key. Follow the blog How to create Alternative Keys using BOBX Alternative key will be useful for us […]

May 02

Create Determination – BOPF

As a pre-requisite, Go through the blog with title Custom BOPF Business Object By the end of this blog, you will be able to.. Understand the concept of Determination Create “Determination” on node Understand different patterns available while creating determination A determination is an entity assigned to a node, which describes internal business logic that changes […]

May 01

Custom BOPF Business Object

By the end of this blog, you will be able to.. Create a business object, include a root node Create a sub node to root node Create an action on a node Implement a simple action based on the BOPF API Create a sub node as “Delegation” using dependent objects /BOBF/TEXT_COLLECTION and /BOBF/ATTACHMENT_FOLDER Test the functions of […]

March 28

Business Object Processing Framework – Introduction & Architecture

BOPF stands for “Business Object Processing Framework”. BOPF is an ABAP OO-based framework that provides a set of generic services and functionalities to speed up, standardize, and modularize your development. BOPF manages the entire life cycle of your business objects and covers all aspects of your business application development. Instead of expending effort for developing an […]

March 28

Experiment with FPM_SEARCH_UIBB

 This demo covers small experiment I did with FPM_SEARCH_UIBB in Floor plan manager. We got quite a few requirements in which we have to extract data, generate list output and provide ALV features (like sort, filter, excel download etc). To quickly deliver them, I have developed a framework which generates the selection criteria fields, validates them in common feeder class, provides […]