August 24

Performance Appraisal App 2 @ Saudi Ceramics

Saudi Ceramics company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia had a requirement to have two Fiori Apps to evaluate its employees. First app will be accessed by HR department to define KPIs and second by the managers of each department to evaluate their employees. Second app is covered in this blog.

Managers will have below screen as initial screen with reporting employees in the master page. Manager will evaluate each of them.

Like standard apps, New/Draft status is available to employee which shows the evaluation status to the manager.

2017-08-10 19_22_29-

Once the manager clicks employee, KPIs are loaded as shown below with “Save/Submit” buttons:

2017-08-10 19_24_44-


Manager has an option to save his work as draft by clicking “Save” button:

2017-08-10 19_25_50-

If Manager tries to submit without answering all the KPIs, Error message is raised as shown below:

2017-08-10 19_26_26-Performance Appraisal


2017-08-10 19_27_05-


After Submit, Database is committed, mail is triggered to employee with evaluation details:

2017-08-10 19_27_33-Performance Appraisal


Fiori Configuration (Catalog/Groups/Launchpad entry) and OData are as shown below:

2017-08-10 19_59_59-RE_ MOM for Performance Management App - meeting held on 13.07.2017 , from 11_00


2017-08-10 20_02_18-


2017-08-10 20_08_45-


2017-08-10 20_11_40-Display Launchpad - Role_ ZUIHR001 Instance_ TRANSACTIONAL (EN)


2017-08-12 09_51_16-SAP Gateway Service Builder


Refer below zip file for code..