May 02

Create Alternative Key/Validation (BOPF)

As a pre-requisite, Go through the blog with title Custom BOPF Business Object


For the custom business object created in the blog mentioned above, I have created “Alternative key” and “Action validation” to check the uniqueness of the key.

Follow the blog How to create Alternative Keys using BOBX

Alternative key will be useful for us when we integrate this BO with FPM..Check the Blog

2017-05-02 22_16_23- - Remote Desktop Connection

We can make use of standard validation class “/BOBF/CL_LIB_V_ALT_KEY” to check uniqueness of Alternative keys.

In the blog ABAP to the future - my version of the BOPF chapters - Part 9: Re-usables, 
Oliver Jaegle mentioned that..

"Funky feature: This implementation will also prevent creation of identical 
alternative keys in parallel sessions (on multiple app servers)"

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Finally, test the changes in BOBT..

2017-05-02 22_19_30- - Remote Desktop Connection