Monthly Archives: May 2017

May 29

Fiori Launchpad setup

In this blog, I will show you how to configure Fiori app for the UI5 application I have created in first blog First SAPUI5 / OData Application We have seen that UI5 application that we create in eclipse are stored as BSP applications in SAP. Find BSP application in SICF as shown below: Let’s create launchpad […]

May 27

OData Basics – Part 6 (Build Service using GBI)

Consuming BOPF in OData service is very simple and can be achieved in 3 steps. Refer to the blog Gateway BOPF Integration (GBI) Start with transaction SEGW Click ‘Create’ button: To consume BOPF, Navigate to Data Model >>> Redefine >>> BOPF Service For this demo, I have chosen “/BOBF/DEMO_PRODUCT” and “SELECT_ALL” as default query Choose the […]

May 24

Enhance Standard FM/Class

Follow below simple steps to enhance standard function modules/Classes: Click spiral button: Edit >>> Enhancement Operations >>> Choose option you want In case of create, below popup arises: Declaration is only allow you to declare something, code will allow you to declare as well as add custom logic: Create enhancement and save: Add required functionality in […]

May 24

MVC Pattern – OOABAP

MVC Pattern stands for Model-View-Controller Pattern. This pattern is used to separate application’s concerns. Model – Model represents an object which deals with business logic. View – View represents the visualization of the data that model contains. Controller – Controller acts on both model and view. It controls the data flow into model object and […]

May 24

Attribute Filter GUIBB

Let’s explore Attribute Filter GUIBB in this blog. (Blog is based on SAP_UI 7.40 SP11 (SAPK-74011INSAPUI). Refer to below blog to know more about Attribute Filter GUIBB ** TEAM FPM ** – A New Filter UIBB Create OVP application using transaction FPM_WB: Attribute Filter configuration is configured as shown below: Assigned class ZCL_FPM_GUIBB_ATTRIBUTE_FILTER as feeder for Attribute […]

May 21

First SAPUI5 / OData Application

In this blog, I will create a OData service and consume it in SAP UI5 application: Creating a oData Service in transaction SEGW  Activating the oData service in Tx- /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE Build a UI5 application(Table)  in Eclipse which uses the oData service Uploading the UI5 application as BSP application in ABAP Repository Test the application and verify the […]

May 20

OData Basics – Part 5 (Build Service with BAPI)

Let’s see how to build OData service by consuming Remote function module. Follow below steps: Click ‘Create’ button Enter Project, description and package as shown below: Import data model from Remote enabled function module: I have used BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST Choose FLIGHT_LIST from parameters.. Make AIRLINEID as key field.. Define query operation and map it to data […]

May 20

OData Basics – Part 4 (Insert Operation)

In this blog, let us see how to handle the Insert Operation. As discussed in previous blogs, any enhancement regarding business logic is done in Data provider extension class. DPC is highlighted in below screenshot: In the blog OData Basics – Part 2 (Read Operation), we have enhanced the method SCARRSET_GET_ENTITY to retrieve the data.. To handle […]

May 19

OData Basics – Part 3 (Filter Query Operation)

Query Operation on OData service, Continuation to blog OData Basics – Part 2 Right click on data provider extension class ZCL_ZRZ_SCARR_DEMP_DPC_EXT and navigate to workbench: Redefine below highlighted method SCARRSET_GET_ENTITYSET: Exporting parameter ET_ENTITYSET should be populated with data in this method: Activate and test the changes: If I just give entity set name in URL parameters, complete […]

May 19

OData Basics – Part 2 (Read Operation)

Handling Read Operation in OData service: We have one OData service available created as part of OData Basics – Part 1 Lets enhance the Data provider class [Note: All enhancements are done in extension class i.e., class name with suffix ‘EXT’. These EXT classes are sub classes of base class and can be enhanced by redefining […]